Mitshubish Mirage 1.8l l4 md309756 / gwm - 59a bomba de agua para automóviles

Proveedores: Shao
Aplicación: Coche pequeño
Capacidad de oferta: 70 000
Condiciones de pago: Tt, LC, otros


The cooling system in an engine has five elements: the radiator, the radiator cap, the hoses, the thermostat and the water pump. We ought to mention a possible issue. Suppose you're installing a water pump on a car with a serpentine belt. Engines on many older models had been equipped with a typical V-belt, but the water pump for the old model might fit physically on the new 1. Can you guess the possible error? Believe about path: The serpentine belt may well drive the impeller in the opposite path from that of the V-belt, so you could finish up installing a pump that runs backward, causing a seemingly incurable overheating situation. Make confident you get specifically the appropriate portion, and compare the impellers. Also, heed that routing diagram.


Marca: Shao’s Número de pieza del fabricante: HW - mi017
Tiempo de entrega: 45 días Garantía: 1 año o 50.000 km
Paquete: Neutral o Shao’s Box
Cajas diseñadas por el cliente
Capacidad de oferta: 70.000 unidades / mes
Modelo de referencia: Mitsubishi
General Motors
Referencia OEM: Md309756


Modelo Año
Mitsu bishimirage 1.8l L4 (1997 - 2002 / 02)
Lancer 2,0 litros l4 sohc (2002 - 2007)

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